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 Monkey Wrench Plumbing also specializes in providing maintenance companies with high quality of service and customer satisfaction that is needed. We offer same day service on most service calls. We can insure that your customers will be highly satisfied with our quality of work and customer service.
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Santa Rosa Plumber
Monkey Wrench is a full service plumbing contractor locatedin Santa Rosa, Ca.  We specialize indrain cleaning, plumbing repairs (leaking pipes & more), remodeling(kitchen & bath), sewer camera inspection, and water heater replacement& repair.  Our technicians have theexperience to get the job done right the first time.   If you are looking for an honest andreliable plumber in Santa Rosa, look no further than Monkey Wrench Plumbing.
Plumbing Repairs
Do you have a plumbing issue that needs repair?  If you find water in an area and think youhave an issue that requires a plumber, give us a call today.  Our plumbing technicians are experts atdiagnosing the cause or any gas, plumbing or sewer issue you might be having.  We can dispatch a plumber to your locationand troubleshoot any issue you are experiencing.  After a general diagnosis is established wecan perform the repair and get your issue resolved.  We even offer after hours support for yourplumbing emergency needs.
Water Heater Replacement & Repairs
Water Heater Replacement & Repairs are a common plumbingproblem that requires the need of a plumber. We are very knowledgeable when it comes to water heaters.  If you are experiencing any issues in regardsto your hot water or find water in the area of your water heater, schedule anappointment today to avoid any further inconveniences or damage to yourhouse.  If your water heater is more than8 years old, it may need a replacement. You can check by locating your water heater and reading the date on unit.  At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, it is our goal toget your hot water needs taken care of fast so you aren't out of hot water forlong. 
Clogged Drains
Often times we are dispatched on calls for cloggeddrains.  We can unclog any drain in yourhouse.  We are experts in repairinggarbage disposals, clogged kitchen sink drains, bathroom sink drains, shower& bathtub drains and main sewer lines / clean our valves.  Our technicians are trained professionals whounderstand all the variables involved with the simplest and most complex ofclogged drain issues.
Sewer Camera Inspection
We offer a sewer camera inspection service that allows us toinspect the most intricate of sewer and drain issues.  Our camera is waterproof and specificallydesigned for plumbers.  This serviceallows us to deeply inspect your sewer system and/or drain system, in order toaccurately see on the root of a problem and gain an accurate insight on thecause of the issue. Our sewer camera inspection service eliminates the guesswork and identifies problems accurately the first time.  If you have a sewer or drain issue thatrequires an expert diagnosis, give us a call today.
Plumbing Remodel (Kitchen & Bath)
Are you seeking a proven Plumbing Contractor who canstructurally design, engineer and implement all of your kitchen or bath remodelingneeds?  In addition to addressing all ofyour clogged drain, general plumbing service, water heater replacement and sewercamera inspection needs, we are a complete plumbing contractor proficient incomplete kitchen remodels and restoration. We also are trusted bathroom remodeling and restoration experts.  We can restore any plumbing system or designa completely new one.  If you are seekinga plumbing contractor for your next remodel, give us a call today.  We work well with homeowners, contractors andproperty management companies.
Energy Alternatives!
Did you know that there are numerous things that can be done to save our planet and money other then solar? Here at Monkey Wrench Plumbing we can help you save money with out putting the high dollars into solar power.
Did you know that there are aerators on just about every faucet?  If change the stock one from a 2.2 to a 1.8 or 1.6 you save on you water bill! More air in the water means that the water pressure is not lost, rather substituted with AIR!
There is also a kit that we can install to any toilet that means that you only have to use a ½ tank of water rather then a full tank; the full tank flush is still there for those bigger flushes.
On-Demand Water heaters are well known for saving you, and being energy efficient. The instant hot water is not so bad either. These units are becoming more and more affordable to the public, saving you even more!
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We hope you can find everything you need. Monkey Wrench Plumbing is a full service Plumbing Contractor in Santa Rosa and we are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.
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